Greetings and Salutations! It's been almost 9 years in the making, but we're finally gettin' hitched. Before we get ahead of ourselves, we'd like to share with you an abridged version of how we got here.

So sit back, arrange a meat and cheese plate, pair it with a nice Malbec, and absorb the remarkably romantic story of Nick and Victoria.

Act One

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December 28, 1984

Nicholas Daniel Igoe came into this world on a cold wintery night on December 28, 1984. As he was just born, he was unaware that 29 years later, his birth date would one day be his wedding anniversary date. If we were to have a time machine and ask him his thoughts, he'd probably agree even then that this is a great idea.

August 11, 1985

In the town of Croydon (20 miles south of London, England), Mary Margaret announces to the world (via landline of course) that Victoria Margaret Cox had graced us with her presence. Although she proudly bears her British heritage (and still holds her pinkie quite gracefully, I might add), Victoria’s stint in England was short-lived and the Cox family moved back to Minneapolis when she was 1 year old.

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For the next sixteen years, they grow up six blocks apart from each other and possibly happen to cross paths at local Cub Scout pack meetings, neighborhood little league games, and trips to the nearby park.

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October 2001

Nick starts working at Scandia Bake Shop. He works in the kitchen filling the flour and sugar bins, cleaning up after incredibly messy bakers, and slowly developing an understanding of different baking techniques. He’s remarkably lazy, so owner Gary Arvidson doesn’t trust him with the secret family recipes.

July 2001

Victoria applies for a sales clerk position at Scandia just a few months later. It is quickly determined that she looks Swedish enough, and owner Gary Arvidson hired her on the spot. She primarily works in the front counter area helping customers and restocking the display cases. Unlike Nick, she’s remarkably ambitious and confident and begins to redevelop order guidelines, shipping procedures, and begins to assist everybody everywhere in the bakery with different tasks.

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The first time Victoria saw Nick, he was making slushies at Scandia. The first time Nick saw Victoria, she was reorganizing the standing orders and creating an inventory system for ingredient purchasing.

It was a match made in heaven.


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JULY 2004

While sitting in the front of the bakery, Nick is reading his weekly pull-list of comic books. This was a regular occurrence for Nick, as he always would read his Wednesday comics before starting work at the bakery.

Victoria, curious as always, sits down next to Nick to see what he’s reading. A certain comic book in Nick’s stack piques her interest.

Nick and Victoria looking cute

Victoria reads this particular comic book. She then calls Nick’s house and leaves a gushing voicemail on his parents’ answering machine. Nick’s dad, not exactly used to girls calling the house for Nick, tells Nick “you may want to hear this…”

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Upon hearing the voicemail, Nick realizes that he should lend Victoria more comic books.

Victoria and Nick begin spending much more of their free time together. They go to the movies, drive around town in what they call “car rides” (Victoria just got her license), and occasionally grab a bite to eat.

August 2004

Victoria returns to the town of St. Joseph to begin her sophomore year at St. Ben’s. She then develops what will be a very deep friendship with her maid-of-honor-to-be, Kristin Roehl.

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Nick talks with Victoria every night on the phone. Victoria asks Nick about his film school aspirations, while Nick asks Victoria about costuming and theater.

She mentions something about wanting to be an accountant.

October 2004

While clearing out her browser bookmarks, Victoria sees a bookmark for Nick’s cheesy blog. She remembered reading his different posts with titles like "Why Joss Whedon's X-Men are the Best Yet" and "Ju-On: The Scariest Movie Ever?!?!"

She then discovered an article titled "The Woman of my dreams."

Spoiler Alert: It was about HER.

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One week later, with no clue his cover has been blown, Nick invites Victoria out to see one of their favorite movies, "I Heart Huckabees." After the film, Victoria drops the bomb...

She tells Nick that she’s been reading his blog and that she knows that he has feelings for her. She then tells him she’s not ready for a committed relationship at the moment. Even though Nick is completely terrified, he understands. He thinks...

Victoria begins to see Nick for the handsome, dashing, romantic man that he is. The past few months she'd spent with him were some of the most fun she's ever had with a singular person. Possibly it could work?

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Nick is relieved to know that Victoria hasn't filed a restraining order against him yet. He believes that even though his intentions will be under higher scrutiny from here on out, it doesn't change his feelings he has for her.

Nick and Victoria looking cute

June 2005

They venture on their first trip together, flying to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Victoria's mother Mary Margaret and brother John. It rains the first four days they're there and they visit every flea market in the surrounding counties. This is undoubtedly the strangest Cox family tradition Nick will stumble upon.

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September 2005

Nick begins working at Great Harvest Bread Company in the Linden Hills neighborhood in South Minneapolis. Since his managers will be reading this, Nick would like to take this opportunity to proclaim that he believes Great Harvest to be the second-greatest thing to have ever happened to him. Ever.

It is also here where Nick meets his future best man Daniel Erdmann, whom finds Nick to be as equally charming.

June 2007

Victoria graduates college from St. Ben's and moves into a house in South Minneapolis with her friends Dylan Thomson, Carly Wogen, and Jake Hilleseim. She also scores a great gig working at the accounting firm Ernst & Young as a staff accountant.

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Three years later, Victoria told Nick she’d like to buy a house and she’d like him to live in it with her. Nick said yes.

Nick and Victoria looking cute


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May 2011

Nick realizes that his life with Victoria after 8 years still involves cartoons on Saturdays, random basement dance parties, spur-of-the-moment romantic dates, cross-country adventures, and other exciting life-experiences. Maybe it was finally time?!

Nick secretly begins ring shopping. He has very little luck, as he doesn't know exactly what kind of ring Victoria would prefer.

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July 2011

He gives up ring shopping. As he begins to realize he can't accomplish this on his own, Nick tells his sister Christina that he needs her help finding that perfect ring for Victoria.

Victoria meanwhile goes “ring shopping” with Kristin just to get an idea as to what she’d like. She finds an engagement ring similar to Kate Middleton’s ring: A large blue gem. Kristin coyly mentions this to Nick, who shrugs, tells Kristin she's crazy, then runs to find some scratch paper to get this hot tip scribbled down.

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September 2011

Nick’s semester starts back up. With textbook and bus card rates going up, Nick quickly runs out of money. The Proposal is postponed.

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November 8, 2012

While having dinner with his sister, Nick mentions that he doesn't think he can buy a ring until he completes his degree the following Spring. Christina points out to Nick that "it's been 7 fucking years and you clearly love her and it's shitty that you think there's something that stands in your way."

While it's not the best language one could use, it worked.

Nick started ring shopping again.

November 19, 2012

During their errands, Victoria politely asks Nick about a possible timetable as to when they could talk about marriage, and Nick coldly lies to her, telling her that he’ll feel better about “wedding talks” in six more months, when he’s done with school. Victoria reluctantly agrees.

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November 24, 2012

He finds the ring! On Etsy, he finds a 1950s London Hallmark white gold blue topaz antique engagement ring. He has the ring shipped to his parents house, explicitly telling his parents to “not open any damn package” with his name on it.

Etsy seller tells Nick it will take him one whole month to get the ring, which sets the arrival date right before Christmas…


On Sunday December 23 2012, the ring arrives. Christina scoops Nick up from work. They head to their parents’ house. They show off the ring to Mom and Dad. There is a whole slew of excitement.

Nick and Christina then head to Mary Margaret’s house and ask her permission for Nick to marry Victoria. She gives her blessing and there’s a lot of hugging.


Meanwhile, Victoria is at a holiday dinner with some colleagues. Her exact thoughts at the time were when exactly she could wrap Nick's Christmas presents, how many Goodyear Blinmps there are in the world, and how delicious her steak is.

She calls Nick to tell him that she'll be home around 8:00pm.

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Christina gives him the great idea of wearing his full suit and tie when he is to propose. He always looks great in his suit! He changes and waits for Victoria to come home.


Victoria, having no clue whats awaiting her at home, extends her holiday dinner party with her colleagues.

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As to be expected, Nick becomes anxious. Where's Victoria?! She's a half hour late! She's never late! He turns on the TV and watches the 49ers/Seahawks game. He rehearses his lines. He cracks a beer. Oh god, what about his breath?! He has beer breath now!

This anxiety continues until Victoria gets home.


Three hours later than initially intended, Victoria arrives home. She doesn’t notice Nick’s outfit and begins to put away all of her items she brought in, yelling at Nick throughout the house stories about her evening.

Victoria finally notices that Nick is just standing in the middle of the living room, in his suit, illuminated only by their Christmas tree. She walks over to Nick...

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Nick tells Victoria that while he's always thought she to be one of a kind, he's never met somebody as beautiful, confident, and colorful as her. He then proposes to Victoria.

She says yes for some reason.


Victoria calls Mary Margaret, whom congratulates her and says very kind words to her (something along the lines of how proud she is and how great Nick and Victoria are as a couple).

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Nick turns on the Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station, opens the bottle of wine Victoria had shipped over from Italy, and they dance in their living room for the next 20 minutes. They begin to plan how they're going to tell all their family and friends of their very joyous news.

On Christmas Eve, they tell the extended Igoe family. On Christmas Day they tell the Clements/Cox family. Next, they methodically tell their closest friends. Finally, Nick and Victoria release the romantic floodgates all over the social networks.

After they make sure that everybody on all of god's green earth has heard the news, they then begin to plan their wedding day together.

That's where you come in...

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