Wedding Party

The Bride

Victoria Margaret Zita Cox

Before dating Nick, Victoria didn’t know who Biz Markie was, the importance of kerning on all fonts, or how to properly sift powdered sugar for 50 pounds of buttercream frosting (NO LUMPS!). Every day she learns something new from Nick, even if she only retains 20% (a stat of which she is proud). She can’t wait to party with all of you, so leave your 10-keys at home and bring your dancing shoes. As her mother once said, “I just love to dance.”

Kristin Roehl with Victoria Cox

Kristin Roehl

Maid of Honor

Victoria met Kristin the fall of 2004 and were in it to win it from the very get. They’ve been roomies at St. Ben’s, worn every costume in the costume trunk, travelled to Scotland, Italy and Greece, shared a small bathroom in the Cox Igoe fortress in MPLS, and love each other with an unrivaled intensity.

Sorry Nick.

John Cox with Victoria Cox

John Cox

Brother of the Bride

John William Hot Dog Hockey Cox is, as his name hints, a fantastic wonder of a man. You may find him picking organic white radishes in Bayfield, WI or strumming his guitar by a pond crooning a Bob Dylan classic to the fish. Victoria is so lucky to have John and his perspective in her life.

The Groom

Nicholas Daniel Igoe

Before dating Victoria, Nick was a cranky, cynical introvert that feared sunlight. While not all of that has fully changed, his bright, colorful adventures with the woman of his dreams have slowly transformed him into the man you know today. As a connoisseur of all things nerdy, Nick gets overly emotional when talking about comic books, craft beer, movies, and The Minnesota Twins. He looks forward to tearing up the dance floor with you at the reception. As his mother once said: “No snapping or clapping!”

Daniel Erdmann

Best Man

Dan met Nick on his very first day of work at Great Harvest Bread Company six years ago, and it has been sunshine and rainbows ever since. Working side-by-side for the next few years, the two developed a deep, sometimes creepy friendship that transcends time and space.

Christina Igoe with Nick

Christina Igoe

Sister of the Groom

Upon hearing Victoria and Nick were "seeing eachother" eight years ago, Christina confidentially told her brother Nick that if Victoria were to ever "be shitty to you" that she would "take care of it." She was absolutely serious. It was at this point that Nick realized that his wonderfully impressive, confident, and powerful sister would always be there for him. While they still quarrel like siblings, Christina knows that Nick needs her guidance and love forever.